NFL Data Dictionary

Data Element Definition
active A designation for a player who is either on a team or is eligible to be.
article_author The author of an article
article_date The date that an article was added to the Fantasy Nerds system
article_excerpt A short snippet of an article if available.
article_headline The headline for a specific article
article_link The article URL to view the full story
auction_value The consensus auction value for a player - the most fair price to bid.
away_score The final score for the visiting team
away_team The visiting team code
bang_for_your_buck The Bang for your Buck score is an internal calculation that combines the cost per point for each player along with the percentage of cap room that a player would consume in your lineup. The lower the score, the better value that player represents.
bang_for_your_buck_aggressive This is the Bang for your Buck score based upon aggressive projections
bang_for_your_buck_conservative This is the Bang for your Buck score based upon conservative projections
college The college that the player attended
current_week The current week of the season
defensive_touchdowns The number of defensive/special team touchdowns
depth The ordinal ranking of the person on the depth chart. A "1" indicates the starter or the player who is current atop the depth chart.
dob A player's date of birth in YYYY-MM-DD
drafted The year that the player was drafted. A drafted value that is the same as the current season represents a rookie.
expertId A unique identifier for a fantasy expert
expert_company The company that a specific fantasy expert represents
expert_name The name of a fantasy expert
expert_pick The game winner that an expert is picking to win
extra_points_attempted The number of extra points attempted by a kicker
extra_points_made The number of extra points made by a kicker
field_goals_attempted The number of field goals attempted by a kicker
field_goals_made The number of field goals made by a kicker
forecast A description of the weather forecast
fumbled_forced The number of forced fumbles for a defense
fumbles The number of fumbles for a player
fumbles_lost The number of fumbles lost for a player
fumbles_recovered The number of fumbles recovered by a defense
fumble_return_touchdowns The number of fumbles recovered and returned for a touchdown by a defense
gameId A unique reference ID for a specific game
game_date The datetime for the game. All times are in the Eastern timezone.
game_status A description for a player's game status
height A player's height in feet and inches
high_temp The forecasted high temperature for a game
home_score The final score for the home team
home_team The home team code
injury A description of a player's injury
interceptions The number of interceptions for a defense
interception_touchdowns The number of interceptions returned for a touchdown by a defense - pick 6's
last_update The last date that the data was updated (YYYY-MM-DD)
low_temp The forecasted low temperature for a game
max_value The maximum auction value that a player should go for. A player obtained for more than this price is likely overpriced.
min_value The minimum auction value that a player should go for. A player obtained for less than this price is a great value.
name The player or team name
ownership If known, the projected ownership for a DFS player on a specific slate.
passing_attempts The number of passing attempts for a QB
passing_completions The number of passing completions for a QB
passing_interceptions The number of passing interceptions for a QB
passing_touchdowns The number of passing touchdowns for a QB
passing_yards The number of passing yards for a QB
platform The third party platform
playerId A unique reference ID for a specific player
playerIds An array of Fantasy Nerds playerIds
playoff_week The playoff week.
Week 1 is the Wild Card
Week 2 is the Divisional Round
Week 3 is the Conference Championships
Week 4 is the Super Bowl.
points_allowed The number of points a defense allows
position A player's primary position
proj_pts The projected points for a given scoring system
proj_pts_aggressive For DFS, this is the projected points for sites that have been more aggressive with their projections.
proj_pts_conservative For DFS, this is the projected points for sites that have been more conservative with their projections.
proj_pts_high The highest projected points that we have found
proj_pts_low The lowest projected points that we have found
proj_pts_ppr Projected points for the PPR (point per reception) scoring format
rank An ordinal ranking
rank_position The player's rank among players of the same position
receiving_touchdowns The number of receiving touchdowns for a player
receiving_yards The number of receiving yards for a player
receptions The number of catches for a player
roster_requirements The roster requirements to create a valid lineup for a specific DFS slateId.
rushing_attempts The number of rushing attempts for a player
rushing_touchdowns The number of rushing touchdowns for a player
rushing_yards The number of rushing yards for a player
sacks The number of sacks for a defense
safeties The number of safeties for a defense
season The season that the data is applicable for
slateId An internal Fantasy Nerds unique ID for a DFS slate
slate_name The name for a given DFS slate
slate_playerId The DFS vendor's playerId for this specific slate. This value is useful if you want to create a file to upload a lineup to the DFS platform website.
slate_start The start datetime for a given slate in Eastern timezone
star A Fantasy Nerds designation for a player who is generally more fantasy-relevant than others
tackles The number of tackles for a defense
targets The number of times a player is/will be targeted
team An alias of team_code
teams Either the number of teams (integer) or an array of team codes.
team_code The abbreviation for a team name
team_name The full name of a team
tv_station The primary broadcast television station that a game can be viewed on
vendor_slateId The slateId for a specific DFS vendor. For example, the vendor_slateId for a FanDuel slate is FanDuel's internal ID.
week The week that the data is applicable for
weight A player's weight in lbs
wind_chill The wind chill in Fahrenheit
wind_speed The wind speed in mph
winner The winner of the contest
yards_allowed The number of yards a defense allows